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The Deputy Shiftwork Index

Revealing workforce trends for 660K US Shiftworkers


The Deputy Shiftwork Index Reports use insights gathered from data of 606,298 US shift workers. Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of 70,434,067 scheduled shift hours and 69,428,478 worked to a variety of applicable periods of time.

Some Key Numbers

  • The average age of the female shift worker in the US is 27, while the average age of male shift workers is 28.
  • The average length of shifts for US shift workers is 6.7 hours.
  • The average US shift worker clocks on at 12pm and clocks off at 10pm
  • July is traditionally the quietest month in the year for shift workers in the US, while June is the busiest.
  • The busiest day of work for US shift workers in the last 12 months was May 31st

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