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Deputy is the ultimate workforce management tool, simplifying employee scheduling, timesheets, tasks and workplace communication, helping businesses to transform operations and empower employees to work the way they want.

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Connect your business with Deputy and Epos Now


Get Started Fast

Sync your existing employee details from Epos Now straight into Deputy for a quick and easy start.


Smart Scheduling

Deputy pulls real-time sales data from Epos Now so staff can be scheduled in line with peak service times helping businesses make the most of high demand periods and avoid overstaffing during quiet periods.


Time and Attendance

Employees can clock in and out directly from the Deputy app on their smartphone, an on-site kiosk, via SMS, or even on their Apple Watch.


“Our net sales are now synced with our labour costs in Deputy, which is hugely exciting from an operational phase, but also from a communication and understanding perspective, in terms of shop managers. They can make sure labour costs are correct based on consumer demand. They can make sure service levels are correct based on the sales required. That’s a big thing for us.”


Karl Purdy, Owner of Coffee Angel

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Take the guesswork out of employee scheduling! Integrate POS data and live weather feed to identify peaks and troughs of sales/foot traffic and create your schedule accordingly.

Find & Replace

Never do the ring around again. Offer open shifts to either selected employees or your entire workforce with one tap. You can even allow your employees to swap shifts.

Fatigue & Overtime Management

20 hour Visa limit? 38 hours per week? Late finish/early start? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.



Need to track your trained and qualified employees? Whether it’s first aid, food preparation or heavy machinery, allocate employees according to their skills and qualifications.



Accurately cost your full schedules before you publish. Never go over budget! Sync your employee’s pay rates straight from your payroll software.


Areas, Roles Activities

Whether you are a single site or franchise owner, you can run multiple locations of your business within one account. Structure your business with different areas, roles or activities.


See how The Fresh Flowers Group did it.


Trusted by 90,000+ Businesses Worldwide


Karl Purdy
Coffee Angel, Dublin

“Deputy has revolutionised how we manage our team. Some companies, like Deputy, seem genuinely interested in developing their product based on the needs of their customers. "

Walter Lecocq - Gazzette Brasserie

Walter Lecocq
Gazette Brasserie

'I find that I save time on training using the new suite. When we want to communicate with our people, it's much easier

Good Fortune Soap and Spa-Jennifer Strain

Jennifer Strain
Good Fortune Soap & Spa

“I work crazy hours, so it’s really
great to log into Deputy and make sure
all the shifts are covered and the store
is running smoothly.“


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