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Set up your hospitality business for success


Schedule in Minutes

Remove admin hours by quickly creating fully costed rotas and publish them to your team with a single click.


Connect your Business

Do more in less time by syncing with leading POS, accounting and payroll platforms in the UK.


Save your Business Money

Reduce overtime and overstaffing by scheduling smart whilst also removing timesheet inaccuracies.


Comprehensive Compliance Management

Ensure the right staff are in the right places and paid correctly for the hours they’ve worked.

See How Boxpark did it

Boxpark is the world’s first pop-up mall. Now with three locations, they are a destination for a fun day or night out in London.

Using Deputy for scheduling has meant that Boxpark employees are now able to easily swap shifts, giving employees more control of their work life.

Integrating their payroll system with Deputy reduces errors and disputes about pay and provides Boxpark with complete transparency of labour costs. Overall, they’ve reduced their wage bill by 3-4% by being able to better predict required staff and more quickly adapt to busy times .



“There’s no dispute whether staff are getting paid incorrectly. It helps keep everything transparent.” - Chris Byrne, General Manager 

Have the right people working at the right time. Every time.

Scheduling shouldn't be a hassle. With Deputy you can write and publish a fully-costed rota in minutes. Team members can be notified on their mobiles, via email, or SMS.

Leave Management enables employees to apply for leave from their mobile. You can set caps on the number of leave takers on any particular day. And all leave is integrated into the rota, eliminating the risk of accidentally rostering someone on their day off.

Someone called in sick? Not a problem. With Deputy, you can quickly find who is available and qualified to step in. With one click, you can publish the updated rota and keep your business running smoothly.

Control your costs, and process payroll with a click.

Deputy seamlessly syncs with the leading POS and Accounting systems in the UK, giving you end to end clarity on your business.

Connecting POS systems like Vend or Kounta allows you to tailor your rota to exactly when your busy - and exactly when you're not - helping keep payroll costs in line with revenue. Deputy even integrates a live weather feed so you can make adjustments based on real world conditions.

Integrations with Xero and Sage (and more) mean that your accounting is always in sync. Finalise and export timesheets for payroll in minutes, and be confident that everything lines up, giving you clarity on what's actually happening in your business.

Save time and money

With the time spent scheduling and approving timesheets cut by an average of 50%, you use that time more effectively.  

Reduce and manage overtime payments with configurable pay rates and rules for each employee.

Using mobile geolocation or facial recognition to track attendance removes inaccuracies, improves transparency and reduces labour cost.

With these savings, you have the ability to reinvest the money into their business and time into the things they love.   


Trusted by 90,000+ companies worldwide


Nisa Berzeg

“I liked the simple interface and the visual layout of the whole thing. It’s very easy to use. You can see everything right in front of you.”


Stewart Cumming
Curry Leaf Cafe

“It really does save us money. When we implemented Deputy, we immediately saw a 5% drop in our wage bill. Payroll used to span two days, now I get it done in about 45 minutes.”


Karl Purdy
Coffee Angel

“Deputy has revolutionised how we manage our team. Some companies, like Deputy, seem genuinely interested in developing their product based on the needs of their customers."

Lars Morch
Risteriet Coffee

“The best thing is that we’ve reduced almost 10% on planned costs and hours delivered”.

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