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Workforce Management: A Guide to Labor Compliance

How to build your business from the ground up for compliance and lessen the administrative workload
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What is covered in this ebook?

  • The impact predictive scheduling can have on your business
  • How leading brands use sophisticated algorithms to maximize demand and minimize cost
  • How to navigate labor compliance for your business

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Key Deputy Features

Keep your business up to date with all Labor Compliance regulations


Having timesheets flag whenever employees take a break that’s too short or miss it altogether.


Calculating overtime, penalty rates, loadings & salary costing with each shift in regards to your local laws or workplace rules.


Offering full transparency into employee schedules so you can spot issues right away.

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“Deputy has become a vital tool in the running of our business. My time building rosters has been cut to a fraction.”
Garry Deakes
Owner, The Marina Ice Creamery
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